At Annadria, bespoke bridal accessories don't have to cost more

Every bride is special, and so should your accessories deserve to be too.

Borne of the belief that every bride deserves the delightful experience of artisanal luxury as they celebrate one of life’s most treasured moments, Annadria invites brides-to-be into a romantic world of handcrafted jewellery and accessories inspired by bygone eras for their big day.

Having been a bride myself recently, I know how difficult it is to find unique bridal accessories.

When you look on Pinterest or Etsy, you can see so many wedding vendors for jewellery and accessories. There are really beautiful items and so many to pick from, all ready to be shipped out to you. Custom and bespoke bridal jewellery and accessories, however, are not so common. If you do find anyone making bespoke bridal or occasion pieces, they usually would charge a lot more too. The same goes for bespoke or custom wedding dresses or occasion wear. Custom gowns are most definitely more expensive than off-the-rack ones.

At Annadria, I handcraft everything on a made-upon-order basis in my own little studio. That is, I only start crafting when an order comes in, so I don't keep a huge stock of ready-made items lying around. Everything in my shop is freshly crafted! In that way, you can customise your jewellery at no extra fee, as long as the materials cost stay the same. And even if you do select a more expensive material, I'd charge accordingly but always reasonably. This applies to all the jewellery in my Classics collection.

So, I am absolutely delighted to extend this offering to the new Bridal & Occasion range.

Annadria's bespoke headpieces, bespoke jewellery and all other bespoke accessories start at the same fees as ready-designed pieces. 

With this, You can choose to have an existing design you see in my shop altered, in colour palette, size, or material. Or you can also have something designed from scratch by me myself to suit your style! I believe each bride should have her own unique bridal accessories, so even if you have a budget, I will do whatever I can to help materialise your wedding look.

If you are a bride-to-be and you're having a hard time looking for accessories that match your wedding theme, your bridal gown style, or your bridal look, I can most definitely work with you to create your own unique wedding accessories. Whether you're looking for a dreamy romantic bridal headpiece or a dark gothic jewellery piece, I look forward to helping brides-to-be complete their dream bridal trousseau. 

With customisation options and bespoke design made accessible and more affordable, I hope more brides will be able to enjoy the experience of artisanal bridal jewellery handcrafted just for them, on their wedding day. After all, a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, and it is essential you feel and look your best. You want to be confident and beautiful on a day that may be nerve-wrecking, and wearing something you feel comfortable with is just so important.

If you like what you've seen, and you feel inspired to become an #AnnadriaBijouterie bride, I encourage you to write me at or leave a message on our bespoke page detailing your wishes, and I will help turn your dream into reality. 

I am a Singapore-born jewellery artist currently based in Hong Kong, and I ship worldwide to wherever you may be.

Handcrafted with love,