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Wedding hairstyle with veil and headpiece, handmade bridal hair accessory for updo
Romantic wedding hair down with white floral bridal accessory
Sakura bridal headpiece with hair combs, Japanese beaded
Delicate bridal hairstyle with cherry blossom hair piece
Romantic bridal hairstyle hair comb, pretty flowers delicately hand beaded
Singapore handmade wedding hair accessories for romantic brides
Hong Kong bride hair comb with Japanese cherry blossom flowers
Floral bride hair accessories with white cherry blossom hair combs
Bohemian bridal headpiece handmade in Hong Kong & Singapore
Cherry Blossom wedding headpiece handmade with white beaded flowers for bride
Sakura headpiece

Sakura headpiece

Regular price $380.00

Each spring, thousands of travellers flock to Japan hopeful of viewing the country's iconic cherry blossom trees in full bloom. The true Japanese tradition of flower viewing called Hanami, however, is said to have existed since ancient times. With its blooms lasting no more than two weeks, the Sakura flower is symbolic of the Japanese phrase 'mono no aware', which translates to 'nothing lasts forever'.

Capturing the very essence of this divine sought-after beauty, hundreds of little luminous Japanese beads are meticulously wire-wrapped by hand to recreate iridescently white Sakura blooms, attached to two small haircombs to form an ornate statement hairpiece like no other; the Sakura headpiece. 

The perfect accessory for the bride who loves the beautiful Sakura blooms and dreams to work the exquisite cherry blossoms into their bridal hairstyle.

Match it with our Portia earrings and Pandora necklace.

Artisanal details:

  • Featuring Japanese beads, artistic wire, metal haircomb
  • Measures approx. 16" (each haircomb measures slightly less than 1")
  • The entire hairpiece is highly flexible and the attached haircombs help secure it in your desired style

As much as we endeavour to recreate each Annadria design identically, the handcrafted nature of our work, limited materials supply and use of natural stones may cause pieces to differ slightly. This only adds to its unique beauty and is not a defect by any means. 

Bridal & Occasion pieces typically require a production time of 3-4 weeks.

If you would like any of our pieces altered in a different colour, length, or material, or would like something custom designed from scratch, please request for it on our Bespoke page. Bespoke designs start at the same fees as our ready-made designs.

Special pieces for special occasions. Borne of the belief that the delightful experience of artisanal luxury should be within reach as we celebrate some of life’s most treasured moments, Annadria Bridal & Occasion invites you into a romantic world of handcrafted jewellery and accessories inspired by bygone eras.